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Party lists submitted to election board

Party lists for city council have all been submitted to the election board. The biggest drama of the evening is by the UTJ party – all factions have split and they will not be running a unified list this election cycle. They will be running under three different parties: Degel […]

Baruch Dayan HaEmmes: Rav Spektor

It was just announced on the Bet Shemesh email list that Rav Dovid Avrohom Spektor has just passed away. The funeral will be at 11 pm tonight, starting from the Ohel Yona Menachem shul of Givat Sharret – the neighborhood of which he was rav. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

TOV gets support from Old Bet Shemesh

TOV received a significant amount of support this morning when they came to an agreement with a group of sephardi activists from “old Bet Shemesh”. Rav Eli Yosef, former activist in Shas, has joined TOV Bet Shemesh and will be placed in the number 3 slot on the party list. […]